The Cast

Paul Schermerhorn got his start with film in high school. He fell completely in love with the freedom and ability to be and do anything you can imagine because of the magic of film. He's worked on many projects since then including Morning Funeral, Empire, and Potential InertiaOfficial Site | IMDb | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Tom Filsinger is the Dark Menace of the Universe, an alien being who was sent to Earth to scout human beings and file a galactic report. He has since been sidetracked by becoming an entrepreneur, author, creator, and Associate Professor of psychology. He founded Filsinger Games, producers of tabletop and online games. His second book, "Shadows on the Road" is due in 2014. He still might have completed his galactic report but he has also taken up film acting as a hobby. Official Site | Twitter | IMDb
Laura Carnes has an extensive background in theater including Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and Godspell. IMDb
Teal Weatherley has had a lengthy career in theater and singing. She's been in many productions at the Scharmann Theatre and won Chautauqua's Got Talent in 2013. IMDb
Dick Narvett is a retired Fortune 500 company executive turned actor. He's been in many productions including Morning Funeral and The Underground RailroadIMDb
Dylan Freedman is a filmmaker, actor, and so much more. IMDb
Steve Johnson is a Jamestown native who served in Vietnam and on the Jamestown Police Department. Along with participating in many Lucille Ball Little Theatre productions and being on the Board of Trustees for the Busti Historical Society as well as the Fenton History Center, Steve authored a memoir about his tour in Vietnam titled, Cammie Up!: Memoir of a Recon Marine in Vietnam, 1967-1968. He has applied his background and knowledge to acting and assisting with local film productions. IMDb | Amazon
Don Hill has an extensive background in photography. He is now applying this knowledge and his drive for storytelling to Midas Legacy and other film projects. IMDb | Southern Tier Film Cooperative